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Company History 

American Wire Tie (AWT) began production in 1934 with the opening of an administrative office and manufacturing plant in Gowanda, New York. 

Over a 40 year span, AWT built a reputation for consistent quality production and customer satisfaction which, when coupled with industry growth, created a demand for expanded facilities. In 1974 AWT moved to its present location, 20 miles South of Buffalo, in North Collins, NY.  An additional manufacturing facility was opened in Waxahachie, Texas in 1998 to meet the growing needs of our customers around the world. It is a tribute to the company that for over 65 years customers have come to recognize American Wire Tie as a leader and pioneer in the production of tie wires for construction, industry and agriculture. That reputation was made possible because all products are produced on efficient, high-speed machinery designed, engineered and built by AWT to insure uniform quality production of our rebar tie wirewire tying tools, and other products. AWT's pioneer spirit and innovation was also evident with the introduction to the American market of the first PVC-coated rebar tie wire and ties over 25 years ago. 

Today, American Wire Tie's management team, headed by interim President, Russell Boxall, continues the tradition of personal concern and involvement. Direct supervision by management continues to work in the customers' best interest to maintain the highest standards of quality control and service. American Wire Tie believes in maintaining peak efficiency, solving customers' problems today and anticipating their needs for tomorrow. Providing top quality products and dependable service is the basis of our lifelong excellent reputation. 

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