Made in USA Domestically manufactured product available.

AWT Rebar Tie Wire is made from the softest annealed wire available to assure you that it will consistently form the perfect tie every time. From a saddle tie, to the wrap and saddle, to the figure eight, the pliability of AWT’s tie wire makes every tie a snap. Black Annealed tie wire, which is the most commonly used, and Galvanized Annealed, which is used for added corrosion protection, are both available in 18, 17, 16, 15, and 14 Gauge. Packaged with 20 3½# coils to a 70 lb. carton, our standard pallet contains 27 cartons. American Wire Tie was the first to introduce PVC coated Rebar Tie Wire to the construction industry. For use with epoxy-coated rebars, our yellow PVC wire is produced to the highest standards and quality, with a minimum of 7 mil thickness to prevent cutting the epoxy coating. Packaged with 20 3# coils to a 60 lb. carton, with 36 cartons on a pallet. We also offer stainless steel rebar tie wire in 16, 18, and 19 gauge. If you have a special requirement, AWT can help.

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